Consider this series of events: recording artist Duncan Morley was arrested 5 times as a teen. His family staged an intervention and shipped him off to a wilderness boot camp program for troubled kids. He later attended a reform school but escaped. And then there was an infamous incident at a military school, that, unsurprisingly, got him kicked out.

Fast forward to now: Duncan has twice charted on the Billboard Top 40. He’s currently releasing the future smash single, “Find You Now,” featuring none other than hip-hop mogul Rick Ross. And he’s signed to Blue Sapphire Music, distributed by BDG/Orchard (division of Sony Music). 

The catalyst for Duncan’s change in fate is a spiritual awakening that inspired a newfound purpose in life with R&B-tinged pop front and center as his platform to effect positive change. “I have this drive in my soul to bring people up, it’s not a choice,” the Boston-based artist says.

The multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer and performer shares his positive messaging through an invigorating blend of pop, R&B and electronic music. The results of such genre melding and uplifting vibes is that Duncan seeks to chase chills when he goes into the studio. He pens exhilarating pop melodies and lyrics that brim with clever wordplay and multi meanings. Seekers will find tucked beneath his broadly resonant pop universal spirituality and positive transformation. 

Duncan’s first big break came when DJ Paul Oakenfold remixed his single “If Time Runs Out,” catapulting the record onto Billboard Magazine’s dance/club play charts as the “Hot Shot Debut.” The song went on to reach the Top 25 spot on Billboard, earning thousands of spins on radio stations across the country and features on iHeart Radio, MTV, Music Choice, Sirius XM, and MusicWeek, to name a few. His follow-up song, “You Gave Me Love,” returned him to the Billboard dance charts Top 40. Now, Duncan is poised to garner even more exposure with his latest single, “Find You Now,” being a collaboration with Rick Ross, and featuring Rick in a video directed by SPIFF TV. 

To date, the Rick Ross collaboration has been Duncan’s biggest coup. Upon receiving Rick’s blessing as a collaborator, he summoned Duncan down to his mansion in Atlanta. “Meeting Rick, I realized immediately he had such presence—like he was a king in another life,” recalls Duncan. He continues: “It was surreal. I came back from that experience feeling on top of the world. Dreams really do come true.” 

These dreams are the outcome of a profound darkness to light narrative that led Duncan to meditation, the power of positive thinking, and a life of being in tune with the universe. The turning point for Duncan was the intervention where he had to attend an outdoor behavioral program meant to shift the dynamic of delinquent kids. There, stranded in the middle of nowhere, stripped of everything, learning how to survive in the icy wintertime, Duncan had a change of heart. 

“It was an eye-opening experience sitting out there on my own. I started questioning myself and the world around me” he shares. “At that moment, I felt this epiphany that I wanted to change my ways and inspire others to do the same.”

With his youthful misadventures behind him, Duncan went about pursuing music with unrelenting determination. Though he had sang all his life inspired by classic soul, he initially migrated to Los Angeles to study production and make beats. Gradually, his focus shifted from dominating in the studio to conquering the stage. Armed with production skills, prodigious gifts as a vocalist, sharp wordsmith instincts, and an inspiring message, Duncan set out to launch a big-time pop career.

Slowly assembling a crew of believers, Duncan began to build a team that could support his vision and offer him the prime exposure he needed. It was a challenging time: Duncan had the gift, and the business savvy to create a masterplan, but he lacked funding to make his big dreams a reality. While fate was turning and tumbling, Duncan was hustling, flipping burgers to stay afloat while seeking business meetings and opportunities. After a particular dire meeting in New York, he was on the bus back to Boston when he got a call that he would receive the backing he needed to get in the pop game. 

Duncan is now ready to overtake the pop charts with latest single, “Find You Now.” The jam is an undeniable smash with balmy island vibes, breezy pop-R&B vocals, and a rugged hip-hop beat to get heads bumping. Rick Ross’s distinct vocal cameo, and his iconic presence in the video, replete with exotic cars, A-list models, and world-class spirits give it the golden touch. And lurking beneath the sun-kissed romance in the lyrics is Duncan’s signature, delivering pop thrills with substance. Here, the message is about the life quest for meaning and spiritual sustenance, but the track can also be enjoyed as sensual summer banger.  

His next follow up, “Your Love,” is a slow-burn R&B ballad showcasing Duncan’s dynamic range, easing from soulful weary low-tones to a soaring honeyed falsetto. It also epitomizes Duncan’s multi-layered approach to lyrics. In the chorus, he sings: I just need your love/Your love is like a drug. “One meaning is about a love or relationship that you can’t get off your mind, thinking about that person and the memories makes you crave their love again, like addiction to a drug. But the real deeper meaning is about trying to make sense of the madness in the world, see through all the noise and reconnect with your inner self”

Duncan’s life arc is a testament to self-belief and the power of hitting bottom and rising up. “For me, it’s a story of how you can change the world by just changing yourself. Dream big, live big, put in your 10,000 hours, and don’t let anything get between you and your goal. Don’t allow room for failure. If you have faith in yourself all the pieces will fall into place.”